Saturday, March 7, 2020

We are all fighting wars in the hope for peace. Who are we fighting? What are we fighting? One man's freedom is another man's chain. Intolerance has permeated the social fabric and economy of most countries. And, we find wars within and outside. Are we, truly fighting to 'save'? Whom? What? How is someone better than the other? By religion, caste, creed, colour, race? We're all born with the same colour running through our veins, the desire to breathe in life with the same attempt to live. Then what has changed? Fanaticism. The feeling of some stating superiority over others. The feeling that I'm more right and you're completely wrong. Get over it. What good is a fight if it's very aim is to destroy and not create? Where children and mothers have to bear the brunt of someone's anger. Yes, those people who died have families. Families whose dreams have been crushed forever. What the world needs is more jobs, education, respect for women and children, food for all, water aplenty, a nourishing environment. Religion is a private choice and personal anchor and let it remain so. It needs to stay home and grow to create well-being and love. Not for war. Not for destruction of mankind. Stop playing into the hands of religious/political fanatics. A friend of mine once mentioned something that has stuck - Treat religion like you treat porn. Put it in the hidden folder, use privately, satisfy yourself, clear history and cookies, behave, normally. Don't brandish your hate. Because what the world needs is more love. #farzanasuri #victorycoach #lifecoach #coaching #numerologist #personalcoach #careercoach #growthdriver #pathtovictory #relationshipcoach #successstrategy #victorymindset #corporatetrainer #motivationalspeaker #quoteoftheday #dailyquote #motivation #entrepreneur #businessowner #jobsearch #theworldneedslove #alllivesmatter