Monday, March 16, 2020

It’s a challenging time. In Italy the numbers of COVID – 19 spiked three-fold, within 2 days. There seems to be little understanding among the science community on how this disease can be stemmed. There is news of people getting re-infected withing weeks of recovery. Stock markets across the world have plummeted. Travel has come to a standstill. There seems to be naked disregard of morality with the unscrupulous price hikes in key essentials of masks, sanitisers, disinfectants and food unavailability in some cities. Quacks cashing in on people’s desperation with ‘remedies’ for the cure. The fear is palpable. In times such as these, the need to be truly human is imperative. I would like to take a moment to applaud those working, effortlessly without thinking of how they are putting themselves to risk – the utility services and the doctors. The images of doctors from China and Italy are mind-numbing. Thank you to those who are working to keep us safer. It is time to re-evaluate our goals. A time to reset. The Universe has not just spoken but is screaming so we hear her and set the balance, right. When a tragedy such as COVID 19 hits, it demonstrates that eventually we are all ONE. No walls, borders, colour of the skin, race, religion or socio-economic status has supremacy. It has caught the politicians, the rich and famous as it has the poor. The babies as well as the infirm. No one has been given any preferential treatment by this disease. The field has levelled and it’s critical we pause and read the writing on the wall. The self-quarantine has given us ample time to look within ourselves, our core values, our beliefs and egos. To remind ourselves that while billions are being spent on wars and ammunition, little has been done for disease surveillance and healthcare and safety. The Universe has sent a message. Are we listening? It is calling out to demonstrate kindness, lean in, reflect and reset our values of inclusion, respect, peace, trust and unity. For in her eyes, we are and will remain as one. Let’s stick together and pray together that we tide over these rough times, safely with love. Spread love, kindness and peace. #farzanasuri