Sunday, January 5, 2020

I often have clients reaching out to me to find out if 'love' and 'relationship' will show up in their life. The funny thing about life and love is that it will sneak up on you like a gentle summer breeze just when you stop looking. Like the watched pot that seems to take forever to boil, the prospect may seem bleak. But, leave the thought and it'll hit you on your head and sweep you away in its caressing warmth. However, you first need to have a 'relationship' with yourself. How many of you, truly love yourself? If you feel someone else is going to 'complete' you and be the perfect companion, you might just be in for a rude shock. Cut yourself some slack and love yourself, first. When you welcome love with your whole heart, soul and body, love will welcome you with all its sweetness. When you fall in love with yourself, everything sort of passes by and you're still there, looking at the most beautiful person you've ever seen in your life. You. And, trust me, the heart will know when the search is over. It's the soul's recognition of finding its counterpoint in another. Love will arrive so you can share the oneness in being together. Be madly in love with yourself. Adore yourself, unconditionally and watch the Universe work in serendipity to make it happen for you. As I've seen among my clients, friends and myself., too So, go forth and let the coming year be about renewing a bond with You. Follow love and it will flee; flee love and it will follow thee. #relationshipgoal #loveyou #selflove #selfrespect #selfawareness #farzanasuri #victorycoach #lifecoach #numerologist #coaching #relationshipcoach #careercoach #partnership #togetherness #motivationalspeaker #wordsofvictory #corporatetrainer #mentoring #guidance