Monday, January 20, 2020

HEALTH IS NOT VALUED, TILL SICKNESS COMES. When I meet people these days, and young ones at that, I'm surprised at the level of stress they carry. 24 year-olds with high BP. 28 year-olds that have experienced a mild heart attack. With anxiety and insomnia troubling them in their 20's. I, often ask them, do you know where you are headed? The response I get, "It is tough market out there, I need to keep pace". "if I don't do it, someone else will, I can't lag behind". 'I need this. It's the path that will take me to the top, sooner'. Oh really! At what cost? When you find yourselves going through dis-ease, it's your body's way of reminding you that you need to slow down. But, are you listening, do you really care what it's telling you? You are adept at listening to the market demand, your corporate obligations, the pressure, unfortunately applied, sometimes by your own family members. However, your body is taken for granted. You live in the belief, 'it's not something that will happen to me! Chill." The NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) Syndrome. "I'm young. These are ailments of those in their late-30's-40's". Sadly, it catches you young in the times we're in. Your relationship with your body is paramount. Should be, I'd say. Isn't it something you live in 365 days and 24x7? Your bodies respond to every sensation and emotion. Be kind. And, compassionate to your body. Listen to what it's saying. When you think too much or overanalyse situations unnecessarily, you've gotten a headache, haven't you? It's a sign from your body. Saying, 'STOP". Heed it. Acknowledge the wealth you possess in the gift of great health. Worry is like acid eating away into your happiness. Stay blessed and love your most valuable possession - Your BODY. #farzanasuri #victorycoach #lifecoach #coaching #numerologist #personalcoach #careercoach #growthdriver #pathtovictory #relationshipcoach #successstrategy #victorymindset #corporatetrainer #motivationalspeaker #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #motivation #entrepreneuer #businessowner #jobsearch #health #healthiswealth #loveyourbody