Monday, January 6, 2020

AT THE END OF THE YEAR, IT IS WHAT IT IS. Dear Magnificent Friends, I have been pensive all morning. Yes, it’s that time of the year. This same time last year, I resolved I'd accomplish a few things that meant something to me in 2019. As I look back at them, some of them excited me because I had already achieved them! Oh yes! That delighted feeling where tiny butterflies tickle you from the inside, yes, that. So, this was how I started 2019. 1. Learn. Upgrade. Grow for that is the very breath of existence. 2. Travel to one country and one Indian city I haven’t been to add new experiences. 3. Give more, for giving won’t make me any poorer. 4. Be less OCD-ish, perfection is a state of the mind, right? 5. Learn swimming, this comes up every time there are any world championships, sigh! 6. Be fit; a battle I have when I snuck those fried snacks. 7. Eat what I love and love what I eat has had me discover a new craving - salads! 8. Build new relationships, hold tightly to those that exist - two coffee dates a week, is all it takes. 9. Accept and be in allowance of people's choices - this was a hard one, even for me. 10. Be kinder – to myself and to others. 11. Patience – it’s the game-changer and a teacher. 12. Eat my first pizza in Naples. Yes, I'm stubborn, I'll wait. 13. Meet Rajanikanth, the Thalaivar. 14. Be less dependent on my asthama medication - I'm happy to share after 20 years I'm barely using it once a week 15. Learn an art form - music, painting, whatever. 16. Learn a new language - it's a challenge that follows me year after year! 17. Publish my Book - My story. 18. Touch 10000 lives this year. 19. Speak at one Rotary/Lions/Giants/College/School in a month to share my knowledge I ticked off 12 out of 19. Not bad, I’d say. I pat myself for I know, how some of them have been colossal wins of mind over matter. When the body almost gave up and the cash looked like it was drying up, there was an angel, a mentor prodding me forward. Did I do it on my own? Hell, no! I’m grateful to those who walked alongside, behind and ahead of me through 2019. You’ve been motivators, mentors, guides. Thank you 🙂🙏🙏