Wednesday, December 4, 2019

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to change you, yes, it’s an accomplishment. WE LOVE THEM BUT ALONG THE WAY, WE DECIDED THEY NEEDED TO CHANGE. Yes, we are first attracted to them for their little idiosyncrasies. The 'cute' way he/she forgets those little things. The endearingly, 'stupid' jokes they cracked. That they had such a wide circle of admirers and friends. The ambition, that motivated them. The sweet way they added "f@ck" in all their sentences. Oh, those fascinating moments of early relationships. Then along the way, we decide that some changes in the personality will make them more lovable. So there we go, 'how can you FORGET! I reminded you so many times!' It's time you grew up to your responsibilities and be more attentive to MY needs than your friends!' 'hey, can you tone down the expletives?'' Yes, we do our damnedest to make improvements in them. We forget the reason we decided to be together was the comfort of simply being ourselves with them and for them to be with us. What is it about us that brings in all the judgments and doesn't allow us the joy of being in allowance and accepting others, the way they are? In this Season of giving, can we ponder on this and work towards the joy of being and letting be? Peace and love for a joyful week! #farzanasuri #victorycoach #lifecoach #numerologist #relationshipcoach #relationship #couples #spouse #lifemastery #motivation #inspiration #change #improvement #motivationationalspeaker #corporatetrainer