Sunday, December 22, 2019

THE MORNING AFTER. The pace of life is frenetic, we're all up every morning to find our own little place in the sun. And, for some to find more than the others. Each of us heading towards what we feel would complete us, sustain us, make us grow, earn respect or fulfilment. The weekend may have been fun for many. For some, it may have been the onset of pain. Perhaps a celebration, for another few. And, some more, it must've come and gone without a whimper. The morning after brings with it the hurried pace of wanting to catch up, where we'd left off, a few days ago. It's Monday morning, again. As I write this, the cool breeze brushes my skin, the aroma of masala tea blending with ghee laden parathas, wafting through the neighbours' window. The sound of crows and the raucously excited dogs in a slinging match. The gentle movement of the bougainvilla tree, the meeting of new kittens in the neighbourhood. The infrequent yet loud bleat of the car horns. I see people rushing to go to schools, colleges, offices, work and other destinations. It's a beautiful morning. Bask in it, enjoy it and just BE. Take a pause. Soak it in. This moment will be gone forever. Enjoy the landscape, smell the 'roses' and enjoy the aural notes. Why have #monday remind you of a new start? Why not catch #Monday by its hand and say, "It's me, again!" 😊😊 Take the power! Make it yours. Wish you a victorious week ✌️ Much love. #farzanasuri #victorycoach #lifecoach #personalcoach #coaching #mentoring #mondaymotivation #mondaymorning #inspiration #positivity #careercoach #motivationspeaker #corporatetrainer #relationshipcoach #numerologist #pathtovictory #wordsofvictory