Thursday, November 21, 2019

WHAT ARE WE FIGHTING? Today, I won't simply share a clever line that hits home. I have a story. A story of a young client I visited in the hospital, on behalf of a client who felt my talking with him may help him heal. A young, very bright, athletic man, loving son, brother, husband and father fighting a defiant pulmonary ailment for the last few months. Fighting is no easy task when the opponent you have is invisible to you. You are unable to judge their reaction or next move. You find yourself helpless, all the ammunition and power you have, seem wasted in the effort. All, but a few. The people around you provide the strength to go on and hang in there. The environment of hope eggs you on, that nothing matters - just do it. The hope of seeing and caring for your loved ones, drives you. Anything worth having, is worth fighting for! I saw it in the eyes of that young man. Strength need not come from those well-toned and worked out biceps and shoulders. They come from the love within us which fuels our passion to never give up. We are all fighting battles with invisible and visible opponents. Sometimes, with those who aren't even opponents. What are we fighting? Will it lead to peace or create more animosity and deep-seated hatred? Choose. Choose, the battles you're fighting. Life is a miracle and the miracle is life. Fight for the faith in miracles and magic, not to sow un-love. While I am coaching his caregivers and him, I pray for that young man and each one of us. I know it in my bones, he'll fight through it and win! Like the plant pushing itself out of the wire fencing with all its might for that tiny ray of sunshine, may he develop the strength and will to fight the shackles restraining him, and bask in the glow of health and love. The world needs our prayers of peace and love 🌹🌹 Happiness to all! #wordsofvictory #farzanasuri #victorycoach #lifecoach #personalcoach #coaching #mentoring #growth #success #healing #victory #motivationalspeaker #motivationcoach #selflove #fighter #courage #warrior