Monday, October 28, 2019

CONNECTED YET DISTANCED? I met a young man while waiting for a doctor's appointment. He had received a FB wedding invite from a close friend and was hopping mad! It set me thinking. We are surrounded by a myriad means to connect, yet we are lonely. We upload happiness and unhappiness through posts, tweets and status messages. We SMS when we ought to simply pick the phone and call. We call when we can actually meet. Many of us keep hiding behind these new communication applications for fear of being vulnerable or being placed in an uncomfortable position of decision-making or out of the sheer need for aloneness. A lie sounds perfectly plausible on messages. Hurt feelings are wonderfully cloaked or shared through posts. But, does it really help? Meetings, do. In real time. Does an SMS or post provide the hand on your shoulder of reassurance or the hug you so need? Or see your eyes shining with pleasure of the wonderment that surrounds you. So, when I receive a wedding invite on FB of a good friend or an engagement e-card on mail or a birthday wish without so much as a call, I wonder where we are headed? Is it a sense of economy? Is it a sense of busy-ness? Is it that I am a part of the many and not those special few? When we delve deeper, we'll find, we are, also losing touch with special connections and bonds that held us close. So, make a personal connection and call instead of messaging or sending that mail. #digitalage #disconnect #socialmediamanagement #relationships #coaching #farzanasuri #victorycoach #lifecoach #numerologist #motivationcoach #relationshipcoach #mentor #personalcoach #motivationalspeaker #corporatetrainer #relationship #digital #detox #useofsocialmedia