Monday, September 9, 2019

WHEN YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR, WHAT DO YOU SEE? And, we look at our mirror everyday. Perhaps some look at it constantly. What do we really see? The beauty we possess inside and out? Or the flaws? Yes, flaws come easy. Am I looking a bit fatter today? Ew! another grey! Hell, did this darn pimple have to pop out today?? Didn't sleep well or partied hard, but the eyes look like a panda looking back! Wish I had thicker lips or fairer skin or my nose could've been taken from dad, his is sharp nit stubby! We humans love self-flagellating ourselves. To conform to what we believe others will accept. Well, a confession, I did so, too. Wanted to be more fleshy when I was painfully thin and now, it's difficult to stop the needle pointing left. I ask myself what makes us berate ourselves all the time? The need to conform? The craving to be acceptable to all? Recognition? Love? Need for companionship? Go on, add to this. It's the age-old comparison we get programmed with the moment we're born. And, that sticks, never to go away. The reasons change but the hunger to 'look' a particular way doesn't change. We forget that we're all so unique and special. Hey, HE broke the mould when he made each one of us. We are great the way we are . That button nose may be found cute by the love of your life. The extra 'fat' is great to snuggle into. The pimple is a reminder that we need to look after our diet. The dusky skin has a sexiness of its own. We are all beautiful. People who love us don't care about how we look. It's what we are that they dig. I look at my mirror everyday and love the way I look, dark circles and all. My crows' feet are a reminder of how much I laugh! So, today when you look in the mirror, hug the amazing you! #farzanasuri #victorycoach #lifecoach #numerologist #motivationcoach #motivationationalspeaker #selfbelief #selfconfidence #selfawareness #beyou #effyourbeautystandards #lifemastery