Sunday, September 8, 2019

DO YOU HAVE A WINDOW? SIT, BY IT. I always lived on the ground floor apartment, like forever. Years ago, I bought my own on the sixth storey, pretty high for me! In all the years of owning my beautiful apartment, I never really sat near the wide window to simply look outside. It was to get better light while reading the newspaper or having my breakfast before rushing off to office. Did I ever really enjoy the view? Nah! I've moved my workstation near the window and I'm amazed at the work I get done. The sun streaming through the trellised plants imbues positivity in my disposition. The tiny birds I spot feasting on my potted plants make me ecstatic(though the cat goes crazy seeing them!). Even butterflies drop by once in a while like messages from angels when I'm deep in contemplation over a problem. The patter of the rain and the sea of chlorophyll green soothes my tired eyes. The sheets of water hitting the roof create a pleasant drumbeat. The cat, of course enjoys sitting at the window for other reasons. Hissing at the intrusion of pigeons and lying in wait for his weed(wheatgrass) to grow! My clients love watching the view and experience a sense of serenity in the coaching sessions. So, go sit by the window to just watch the goings-on without worrying about the stupid stuff. Enjoy it. It's therapeutic! #window #windowseat #worldvision #views #therapy #farzanasuri #victorycoach #lifecoach #numerologist #relationshipcoach #personalcoach #careerguidance #relationshipadvice #goals #leadership #corporatetrainer #motivationationalspeaker #motivationcoach