Sunday, July 14, 2019

Yes, it’s Monday Morning. According to researchers in England, more than a third of all sick days occur on Mondays. In fact, they have a National Sickie Day falling on the first Monday of February every year and it has a large number of people who phone into work claiming to be too ill to get to work. Interestingly, more people call in sick in January than any other month. In the US, according to a 2008 report, over 1.5 million workers, typically call in sick the day after the Super Bowl. There’s data to back that more than 35% of all sick leave, is taken on Mondays. There is no data to support this malaise in India, unfortunately. But, I'm certain many Indians are still nursing the loss of India and New Zealand at the World Cup Cricket 2019. How many times have you had Monday Morning blues or Mondayitis in your career? Perhaps, more than you can. I confess, I too have suffered from it what seems like a zillion time! At work and even on occasions when I had to exercise! However, let me not stray from the focus of this piece, today. Work and Monday mornings or Mondayitis. So, what makes this demon called Mondayitis freak you out? What makes an employee ‘fall ill’, especially so on a Monday? - two-day weekends aren't enough - you were working through the weekend - sporting events and festivals - Demotivation - Laziness - Stress - Beautiful, rainy weather tt ake a step back and decide what do you want from your job? What is keeping you from doing what you enjoyed when you started here? Be honest - with yourself. Attack Mondays with the zeal to push you towards your goal. Break the pattern to make it work for you. Spread the sunshine, sing a song, shake your ass and say, “Bring it on, Monday. I’m oh so ready for you!” #mondaymood #mondayquotes #mondays #motivation #inspiration #pathfinder #careerguidance #careersupport #humanrelations #Human2Human #HR #staff #employeeengagement #employeeexperience #farzanasuri #victorycoach #lifecoach #careercoach #motivationcoach #numerologist #corporatetrainer #motivationalspeaker #mondaymorning