Thursday, July 4, 2019

As a Victory Coach, I receive frequent requests seeking help for a better life. When he contacted me, last year, his plea for help was heart-wrenching. He had been struck by a series of ill luck, lost his dear friend in an accident. His wife decided to embrace spirituality leaving the material world and a daughter of 3 years. He had a string of business losses due to some erroneous decision-making. And, he hadn't slept for 8 days! It took a few sessions to get to the root cause. He was a prisoner of his own mind, who couldn't loosen the grip of harsh memories of guilt and unworthiness which rendered him helpless. Mental health like the still waters has the ability to morph into a tsunami of depression without support and understanding by the loved ones. They crave to be soothed, cared because it's frightening. They don't want to worry or bother anyone for help as it would be admitting failure or defeat. At times, it's hard to function with any semblance of normality. The anxiety is a downward spiral. The isolation, the fear, the need to be loved and given attention are but cues we are unable to see. Help them untie the chains by listening, being there and getting them to breathe in the love and care. Life is beautiful. Stand up, stand tall and unlatch the dark gates to the light of freedom. Show them, you care. Teach them courage, strength and trust, every moment, each day. #mentalhealth #courage #victorystory #farzanasuri #victorycoach #lifecoach #lifemastery #victorymindset #understanding #depressionhelp #healthmotivation #inspiration #motivation #positivity #anxiety #anxietyrelief #personalmentor #mentoring #coaching #coachingheroes #strengthwithin #couragetorise