Sunday, June 16, 2019

My father had presence. And, it was palpable. When he walked into the room, we'd all wait to assess his mood. He was benevolent and his generosity was renowned. He'd pamper us with his love and through gifts we desired and if he wasn't sure what we needed, he'd handover cash so we could do what we like. Most often, we'd spend it over #KailashParbats kulfi and pattice. He was an ace storyteller. His stories were about kingdoms with rich, kind fathers and adorable daughters. No one could narrate a story the way he did. His only condition was both my sister and I press his calves while shared the stories. Towards the last year's of his life, my father held a broken heart, due to some hard lessons life doled out to him. We saw this strong person shrivel into one third his weight. My brothers took good care of him as best as they could. He was an ace networker and people from Maharajas to hi-profile industrialists and professionals got their suits designed and tailored from him. He was an illiterate but placed his kids in European and Convent schools. He was dignified and had a reputation to stand up for his values of justice. He made mistakes and lived the end, seeking forgiveness. He was called #ShakirMaster and when he walked down the street, people from everywhere greeted and acknowledged him. My father has presence. He lives within me. #fathersday #papa #farzanasuri #victorycoach #youliveinme #parents #parentallove #fathersgirl #storyteller