Monday, April 22, 2019

It's appalling and devastating to see the madness of religion. I was brought up to believe that universal humanity is the only religion. A religion that embodies love, compassion and acceptance of each other. To see youngsters embarking on a self-destructive path is horrifying. The people instigating them and programming them with their warped belief is loathsome. Intolerance and divisiveness seems to be the mantra to attract the 'unemployed'. My maid can't be bothered because she has mouths to feed at home. The industrialist can't be bothered because he/she is looking to expand market share. The street vendor is worried about his young child's education. The farmer, the prospect of little or no rain. The young entrepreneur is immersed in getting some capital to keep afloat his company. The teacher, an ailing child who is awaiting a cure. So, whom are you fighting for? What are you fighting for in the name of your religion? Because no religion promotes a crime as heinous as taking a life - any life. If someone has told you so then I'm afraid that they've interpreted the scriptures to their advantage. To the youngsters, I say - OPEN YOUR EYES TO SEE FOR YOURSELF. We are all the same. Only divided by those who make us fight wars they can never win. Open your eyes and choose, wisely Open your eyes and fight against illnesses, illiteracy and hate. Channelise the energy to create. Not destroy. Because we belong together despite our diversity. The world needs love. The world deserves love. #srilanka #prayers #theworlddeserveslove #terroristattack #wrongwar #theworldneedslove #lovenothate #peaceforall #equality #humanity #farzanasuri #victorycoach