Thursday, January 3, 2019

The leader dictates the culture. We've heard this several times, haven't we? The head of the house creates an environment of peace, happiness, ease, joy, fun or stress, anxiety, anger, irritation, fear, doubt, greed or whatever is chosen. Think about it. When we are born, we are all like unpainted canvases waiting for the artist to splash the colours of life. We are simply eager to be awash in the paint and bask in it. Should the artist use anger, despise, domination, we are coloured in hues of fear, low confidence and anxiety. Should the artist be infused with demonstrations of love, joy, sympathy, humour, caring, we imbibe caring, empathy, love and happiness and joviality. So, is the case with our life. Our caretakers, be they parents, relatives, maids, teachers, superiors mould who and what we become. When a mother comes to me with a young child worrying about his low confidence, my first question is to understand what goes on at home. Or an employee, who comes complaining about the politics at work, I try and understand what's happening at the leadership level. In 8 out of 10 cases, the culture stems from the top. And, so is the case with ourselves. If we choose to be dictated by our negative feelings, they run our life. Why would you choose misery in place of happiness? Have an amazing week, all. Peace and love! #culture #leadership #farzanasuri #lifecoach #careercoach #victorycoach #growthstory #coaching