Tuesday, January 15, 2019



Every team player contributes, uniquely. One size doesn’t fit all.Here are the 7 types of people every organisation must have.

1   1. The Superstars
The Superstars are spirited, proactive and have the ability to take charge of projects or teams.  They anticipate needs, have the ability to see the big picture, and wave the red flags, first. They possess the right attitude, exceed expectations. Superstars are consistent, high performers and always follow through to get the job done. They are the poster girls/boys, and have other team members either aspiring to be like them or envying them.

2   2. The Fire-fighters
They are problem solvers who demonstrate the ability to evaluate problems and come up with appropriate solutions. They think beyond the box and nothing ever rattles them. They are the go-to people who stay calm and rational when everyone around them is having a meltdown. Fire-fighters are the most motivated during a crisis.

3   3. The GPS
The Gods of Process & Systems are a must in every organisation. Like the GPS they are your guide to the route that gets you straight to your destination if you follow the route, diligently. They are structured and detail oriented and follow the book. They are pat with the policies and do’s & dont’s. They are the fuel that keeps organisations running, smoothly.

4   4. The Sentinels
These are the silent performers. They, rarely take sick days. They are competent, dependable and can be taken at their word. They are thorough and detail-oriented; not the most talented however, do whatever is required of their role. They are not the first in line to volunteer but conform. They tend to be reactive and meet most of their goals. They will help you avoid common mistakes and help you seize opportunities you wouldn't have seen on your own

5   5. The Motivators
They are perfect mentor material and great influencers. Having spent a lot of time in the business, they excel at bringing out the best in other people. They foresee challenges and help seize opportunities you may overlook. They relate, easily to others and are excellent facilitators of their team’s growth. Motivators are loyal and inspire those around them with their infectious and positive outlook.

6  6. The Innovators
They are creative and highly sought after. Being curious, has them constantly seeking new and unique ways to get things done. The innovators dig deep and challenge the status quo. Their grit and determination are remarkable. They are intense and confident with a vision that is hard, at times for others to visualise. Their need to change the paradigm propels everyone forward.

7  7. The Connectors
The connectors have a large network of diverse groups. They are constantly adding people to their humongous contact-sphere and are well-networked. They provide opportunities and build relationships that are symbiotic.  Their knowledge is gained through the bridges they make to link people and, is effectively used for shared goals. As Robert Kiyosaki states, the network determines the net worth.

For an organisation to be successful, one needs them all. 

However, which ones fit which roles is a discussion by itself. Having more of any one type can tilt the apple-cart, unfavourably.