Saturday, December 29, 2018


So, I walked into the gym to keep my promise of achieving my 4-days-a-week target. I was excited to hit the iron. It had been a long while since I really 'worked out'.
The Coach was happy to see me and recommended I do a new workout, today, the Chad Hero Workout.
That sounded intriguing. I thought perhaps it was some dance workout from Africa. Now, that is new!
He said, "No. It's a one-form workout." Okay. That sounded simple enough.
He declared, "1000 Step-ups in 50 minutes.You do it on a 45 cm box with a 10 kg vest."
I thought I heard wrong. Come again? 1000?! I haven't done 200 in 4 sets. My heart sank!
Are you sure? He seemed confident. You can do it. He discounted the vest for me.

I managed doing 750 step-ups in 50 minutes. My personal best!
He said I did good. Damn! I almost blacked out with tiredness but I was beaming.
This is my victory story.

You might be curious, what is the significance of the Chad Hero Workout?

It is named after a Navy Seal, Chad Wilkinson, who did 1000 Step-ups on a 20" box with a 45 pound backpack, training to climb the tallest mountain, Aconcagua at his wife's #Crossfit box.
He committed suicide earlier this year and this is called the #ChadHeroWorkout in his memory.
CrossFitters, the world over added this to their training on December 28. The picture here is from his friend, Dave Castro's Instagram post.

RIP Chad. May you be at peace in the heavens above. 

Yes, I learn something new, everyday. About me and things around me. Learning excites me. It's like an adventure. There's a bit of fear as much as curiosity and the latter always trumps the former when one operate from a victory mindset. 
Keep choosing to learn and grow. For if you aren't learning, you'll stagnate and wither away into oblivion. 

What did you learn today?

I'd love to hear your story and perhaps get inspired to learn one more new thing.